May 29, 2011

DIY: Lipstick Palette

I've been dying to get my hands on an empty lipstick palette ever since I saw the one that my makeup teacher, Ms. Lanie, had. So I went about hunting for one. As I went on my expedition in finding my palette, I discovered that they were quite pricey :s ( I dont know about you, but spending 1,500 for an empty palette is expensive for me. hahaha) SO, I decided to just make one myself :) 

Remember that super cute medicine case I bought from Daiso? (see post Cheap Thrills: Daiso Japanese Store

You guessed it! I transformed it into my very own lipstick palette :D



I wrote the color title and brand on the back for reference :) 

The reasons I wanted to put some of my lipsticks in a palette are #1. SANITATION. In makeup school, they taught us different sanitation procedures and one of them was to never put lipstick directly from the tube on a client. This is to prevent germs from building up on the lipstick and passing it on other people. So to apply lipstick, you'd have to scrape some off from the lipstick bullet (a bullet is what you call the actual lipstick) using a spatula and then use a lipstick brush to apply the product on the lips. 
#2 Convenience. Having so many lipstick tubes rolling around in my kit can be a hassle sometimes. also, this palette is quite clear which makes me see the colors I want easily :) 

I'm very happy with this DIY palette that I made :D its super cute and cheap!! not bad for P66 ;) 

Thanks for dropping by!
have a good one :) 


  1. nice tam! i love d.i.y. thing :p

  2. thanks Ate Nix!! I'll be posting another DIY soon :D


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