May 29, 2011

DIY: Lipstick Palette

I've been dying to get my hands on an empty lipstick palette ever since I saw the one that my makeup teacher, Ms. Lanie, had. So I went about hunting for one. As I went on my expedition in finding my palette, I discovered that they were quite pricey :s ( I dont know about you, but spending 1,500 for an empty palette is expensive for me. hahaha) SO, I decided to just make one myself :) 

Remember that super cute medicine case I bought from Daiso? (see post Cheap Thrills: Daiso Japanese Store

You guessed it! I transformed it into my very own lipstick palette :D



I wrote the color title and brand on the back for reference :) 

The reasons I wanted to put some of my lipsticks in a palette are #1. SANITATION. In makeup school, they taught us different sanitation procedures and one of them was to never put lipstick directly from the tube on a client. This is to prevent germs from building up on the lipstick and passing it on other people. So to apply lipstick, you'd have to scrape some off from the lipstick bullet (a bullet is what you call the actual lipstick) using a spatula and then use a lipstick brush to apply the product on the lips. 
#2 Convenience. Having so many lipstick tubes rolling around in my kit can be a hassle sometimes. also, this palette is quite clear which makes me see the colors I want easily :) 

I'm very happy with this DIY palette that I made :D its super cute and cheap!! not bad for P66 ;) 

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May 26, 2011


Last Mother's Day, my family and I went to Laguna to visit my dearest lola Bebe. While having dinner, my Tita whipped out some old pictures from their childhood and I just had to take a few snapshots :)

This was my mom WAAAAY back, not sure how old she was here :p

Loving my lolas fabulous shades! wish she kept them :(

HOW CUTE! my tita and mom :)

My lola. so fab ;)

My mom, following lola :)) haha

my mom again when she went to bora. looks so different!

guys, this was bora back in 1985. WOW...

Lola on a Lambretta :)

Even when milking a cow, lola still looks fab!

My grandparents, lola Bebe and lolo Mike. they look so sweet :">

This is my favorite picture of my grandparents. so much love in this photo :) 

Some family history right there! haha I love looking at old photos of my parents :) 

Do you have a favorite photo of your parents back in the day?:) 

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My Dream House

Oh my gosh, you guys...I just found my dream house!! My mum brought home the latest issue of INSTYLE  magazine (one of my favorite magazines) from one of her flights and thats where I saw my dream house.

Latest issue of INSTYLE with the lovely Kate Hudson on the cover

The house is owned by Fast and the Furious star, Jordana Brewster. When I saw the house, I literally gasped. It's just beautiful. 

It's very simple, but lovely.

Love the little nook

(Photos are not mine, just googled them :p)

The design is very simple and clean, just the way I would want my future home. If I could have the exact same house replicated, I would... But I'm sure it would cost me more than an arm :| HAHA I just adore this house! It has a very beachy feel to it which was probably what drew me in. If this house was on the beach side, it would be perfection :)

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May 24, 2011

Lemon Boy, I love you

I finally got the chance to blog about my favorite tea place, HAPPY LEMON! Just thinking about their delicious drinks makes me want to go back again even though I just had some last night. hahaha I went to the Greenhills Promenade branch with Jay last night and had a dose of my favorite drink: Roasted Milk Tea w/ Adzuki beans and pudding. YUMMM!! I absolutely LOVE pudding. I have also tried their Green Tea w/ Cheese and Rock Salt. It was very good too! didnt think cheese would go well with tea :p 

Cute cabinets!

This place is always packed!

nom nom nom 

So happy :D hahaha

I heard they have a new branch in Eastwood! gotta check that out soon ;) If you haven't had the chance to try Happy Lemon, I really hope you do real soon! :)

What's your favorite Happy Lemon drink?:) 

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May 23, 2011

Hair 101

Today, I went back to MDA to take up my make-up Hair 101 class since I had to miss that class for an exam. Let me tell you something about doing hair: IT IS NOT EASY! hahaha well, maybe it's just me. I found it really tiring :( I have a much deeper appreciation for the people who are tasked to blow dry the clients hair at salons. KUDOS TO YOU! ;) 

My classmates and I did eachothers hair. My partner was Gel (I hope I spelled that right :/ hahaha), and here are some photos of my work on her hair:

It took me FOREVER to do this :| hahahaha 

First, we had to set our hair with rollers and bendy rollers. I've never used bendy rollers before and to my surprise, they actually work better than rollers! The curls were more defined. 

chillin' with my rollers on

HOW COOL IS THIS THING?? I felt like an astronaut hahahaha

I just had to take another photo HAHA


I didnt enjoy doing hair as much as I love doing makeup, but I think it would be handy to know how to do basic hair setting and stuff if need be. My mom really wants me to study further hairstyling, but I don't know...I'm not feeling it right now. I don't think its really my thing :p We'll see though, maybe I'll change my mind in the future :)

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May 22, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sundays is definitely a day spent bonding with the family. For me and my brood, we spend our Sundays by attending the 2:30pm worship at CCF (Christ Commission Fellowship), St. Francis. Then afterwards, we usually spend the rest of the day EATING.Yes, my family LOVES to eat. But we do exercise... walking around the mall is very tiring, you know :| hahaha! Before heading out to CCF, we made our first food stop at Goldenspoon, Crepes and Cream, and Cafe France in the Podium. Goldenspoon is my most favorite yogurt place EVER. 

my two favorite toppings: Cookie dough and Mochi balls! yum

Doesn't it look beautiful? *drool*

nom nom nom my belly is happy :D

At Crepes and Cream, my sister ordered this: 

I forget what it's called but she sure looks like she's enjoying it! hahaha

my lovely mum :) love the makeup! 

My dad chose to snack at Cafe France and got himself a little treat as well :)

looks good :( 

After service, we headed to SM Megamall to have an early dinner. We chose to eat at one of our favorite restaurants: Amici. Food there is just so goooood! have you eaten there? :) if not, you must definitely go later or tomorrow! hahaha Sadly, I have no pictures of the food we ordered...I was too excited to eat that I forgot to take photos :( huhu 

Dad and I :)

my favorite pasta! Spinach Fusilli Montanara. It usually has green pasta but they ran out. boo :| it was still awesome nonetheless :) (spot the spaghetti stain on my shirt. HAHA)

We also ordered the Linguine Fantastico, which lived up to its name, and the Chorizo Spinaci pizza, which was really good too.

And that ends my sunday funday with my family :D boy, did we eat a lot or what? hahaha Somehow, eating becomes way better when done with people you love :) 

How do you spend your Sundays? :) 

Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday!
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Cheap Thrills: Daiso Japanese Store

One thing you should know about me: I'm a big CHEAPIE! and I don't mean that in a bad way. NOT AT ALL. By cheapie I mean that I love discovering good finds that's very friendly to my wallet :D raise your hand if you're a cheapie like me! hahaha
Today, my mom and I went to one of our favorite cheapie stores: DAISO Japanese store where their price point is at PHP85! Its like the 99 cents store in the U.S only its Japanese and I swear, they have almost EVERYTHING!
This is the St. Francis branch, near SM megamall

They have school supplies:

Cute notebook!

Reminds me of MUJI, except the items in Daiso are half or even more than half the price! 


Batteries galore!

Party Favors:

Kitchen wear:

Stuff for your pets: 

Containers and holders:

The most peculiar thing I found in the store would be this hand soap that I saw with ginseng in it...LITERALLY
 that's not something you see everyday :p

Here are my purchases from the store: 
  • Bobby Pins and Comb set: Bought these for my Hair 101 class tomorrow which I am very excited about :D
  • The plastic pen holder is for my makeup brushes. I'm currently using a glass one and I thought a plastic one would be safer in case of any accidents.
  • And lastly, how cute is that multi-colored medicine holder? I'm going to be using it for something else though which I will be posting soon, so stay tuned! ;) 
I absolutely love this store for the cheap and inexpensive things. Although some may probably be bought for cheaper at another store, this is a great one-stop-shop if you have no time to go look at the different stores. If you like items you see in Muji, like the school supplies, but find them too expensive for your budget, Daiso is a great alternative :) 

Hope you  enjoyed this little cheap thrill! If you've been to Daiso or plan on going after reading this, I'd really love to hear what you have to say about the store :)

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