May 18, 2011

Pool Party

Here are some pictures from the pool party I threw together with Jacko last saturday, May 14, 2011.
three words: SO MUCH AWESOMENESS! :)) we started setting up the place at around 9am? had to get up at like 7am since Jacko wanted me to be at his place (where the party was held) at 8...crazy early -__- 
But all the stress and lack of sleep was all so WORTH IT! :D The first 3 pictures were taken by me and the rest were taken by the very sexy Boo Umaly ;) THANKS BOO!! Im going to just let the pictures speak for themselves ;)
Enjoy! :) 

Tada! this was what we were working on at 9am in the morning. the weather was PERFECTION.


My lovely sister helped us out. thanks sis! :D
 that's our to-do list she's holding. It was back-to-back -__-

Our first guest was one of my good friends Ana! Missed this woman :) 

She didn't come empty handed ;) hahahaha

The very lovely Boo Umaly ;)

meet Kim, my bestest friend in the whole world!!! love you, bee <3

It's always a party with these people!


IANO BANANO! love this girl :)

LGV boys!

DJ A.M.BER  in the house!

Boo w/ my cousin and sister

lovely ladies, Sharraine and Lizzie ;)

never a dull moment :))

Whatta guy :))

w/ Toni my love! thanks, Yama! :)) 


ART + Monica!

My lovely SATC girls! love you all <3


Those are just some of the many pictures c/o Boo. This post would be too long if I posted everything :)) Thank you to everyone who came and made this party a success!! You all are dolls :) To those who weren't able to make it, you were missed! :( 
Round 2, yes? ;) 

Thanks for dropping by! have a good one :)

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