May 24, 2011

Lemon Boy, I love you

I finally got the chance to blog about my favorite tea place, HAPPY LEMON! Just thinking about their delicious drinks makes me want to go back again even though I just had some last night. hahaha I went to the Greenhills Promenade branch with Jay last night and had a dose of my favorite drink: Roasted Milk Tea w/ Adzuki beans and pudding. YUMMM!! I absolutely LOVE pudding. I have also tried their Green Tea w/ Cheese and Rock Salt. It was very good too! didnt think cheese would go well with tea :p 

Cute cabinets!

This place is always packed!

nom nom nom 

So happy :D hahaha

I heard they have a new branch in Eastwood! gotta check that out soon ;) If you haven't had the chance to try Happy Lemon, I really hope you do real soon! :)

What's your favorite Happy Lemon drink?:) 

Thanks for dropping by! 
Have a good one :) 


  1. Tam! the one in eastwood is in the new mall beside starbucks :) lets go there soon!

  2. you are so pretty!!seeeeriously!!u shouldbe a model instead of the MUA!!HAHAHA!!

  3. @ Giezelle: aww you're so sweet, thank you!:):) and thank you for viewing my blog! :)


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