May 26, 2011


Last Mother's Day, my family and I went to Laguna to visit my dearest lola Bebe. While having dinner, my Tita whipped out some old pictures from their childhood and I just had to take a few snapshots :)

This was my mom WAAAAY back, not sure how old she was here :p

Loving my lolas fabulous shades! wish she kept them :(

HOW CUTE! my tita and mom :)

My lola. so fab ;)

My mom, following lola :)) haha

my mom again when she went to bora. looks so different!

guys, this was bora back in 1985. WOW...

Lola on a Lambretta :)

Even when milking a cow, lola still looks fab!

My grandparents, lola Bebe and lolo Mike. they look so sweet :">

This is my favorite picture of my grandparents. so much love in this photo :) 

Some family history right there! haha I love looking at old photos of my parents :) 

Do you have a favorite photo of your parents back in the day?:) 

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Have a good one :)


  1. tita maaars!!! so cute! :) vintage photos are LOOOOVE. :)

  2. i love the scooter, nice pics


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