Sep 15, 2011

#SmartNetPhone Grand Launch

Hi Everyone!
I wasn't able to post this sooner because my laptop had gone under repair recently :( huhu it's gone wonky...hope it'll survive me for another year or so... Anyway, last September 10, 2011, SMART finally launched its newest innovation, the Smart NetPhone. If you weren't there, boy did you miss out! It was definitely one for the books :p 
Thank you to Connect Angency!! 
The night was a success :) 
Congrats to Jon, Carina and the rest of the crew!

 It was Jay's birthday that night too! what great timing :p
[don't you just love my jumpsuit?? Its from ZOO ;) ]

 Lovely ladies!

Jay, Mic, Sharraine, Me, Toni 

With Tracy!! We need to bond soon please ;;)

 Jay and Iano having a good time! :p 

 Mandi of Chic Material! glad we got to hang that night! see you soon ;)

 Mandi and Ivan <3

 Jay with friends! :)

Couldn't get a decent trio picture :))

I think the pictures are proof enough on how epic that night was! Everyone had a blast :) 

Have you gotten your #smartnetphone yet? ;) 

Have a good one!

Sep 7, 2011


 After all the festivities that happened last Saturday (workshop and two birthday parties), Jay and I headed over to MERCATO!! It was my first time, and being the foodie that I am, I absolutely LOVED it! The place was buzzing with people, sizzling grills, and fryers frying food. You could probably find EVERYTHING you could possibly crave for from isaw to pizza, to burgers with Krispy Kreme buns! You read that right, Krispy Kreme buns :> 

Our choices for the night:

 This burger was unexpectedly good! Try it! :)

I will definitely be hitting up Mercato for another round of awesome midnight snacks! See you there?:)

Have a good one!

MOTIVES Anniversary Workshop

I was privileged enough to be invited by Ms Jenny DeCastro and Ms. Marbs Garcia to attend another MOTIVES workshop last September 3, 2011. But this was no ordinary workshop. It was a special one since it was Market Philippines' 1 year anniversary! Congratulations Market Philippines! :)

The workshop was held at the Philamlife Tower in Makati City. I was blown away when I got to the 15th floor O_O

Welcome to the Market Philippines Office. Wow right?

Motives Products

Ms. Liz

Ms. Kit- Director of Sales. She introduced the speakers for the day :)

Of course, the lovely Ms. Jenny :)

Ms. Lian Contis- Market Philippines Coordinator


My partner, Nybie! :) she's also a fellow makeup artist. I did her makeup in this pic :p

Guest MUA: Mary Grace Liao
She specializes in Air Brush makeup

Nybie and I! She did makeup on me :)

2nd Guest MUA: Angeline Ong Kho. 
She demonstrated on how to put makeup on Asian Eyes. 
She was a finalist at the 2011 Cosmetologie in the evening makeup category.

Her model was Ice :)

The last guest MUA was Ms. Irma Flores
She's an entrepreneur, a graduate from CSB, an aesthetician and a professional MUA :o

 Group Shot! try to spot me :p
(Photo by Riche Batallones for Market Philippines)

Nybie and I again :p 
(Photo by Riche Batallones for Market Philippines)

These are the goodies they gave away :D

the kit included: MOTIVES Dual Perfection Powder, Brow Kit, Lipstick in Natural, and Perfecting Face Primer. 

I've tried these products myself and I'm definitely in love <3

Visit Market Philippines on FACEBOOK and like their page! :D

I had so much fun at this workshop! Thank you again to Ms. Jenny and Ms. Marbs for inviting me :) 

Have you bought your Motives products yet? :) 

Have a good one!

Sep 6, 2011

#smarnetphone Media Launch

Last September 1, 2011, Smart launched its new innovation, the Smart Net Phone. The event was held at Repuliq, Resorts World. I wasn't able to bring my DSLR so I wasnt able to take a lot of pictures :( I had my other camera but the pictures weren't that great. Sorry!! :( Hope they will be enough though :p

 Kimmy and I :)
2 of the Z sisters, Karla and Kim!

 The place was packed!
The event was hosted by Andi Manzano and KC Monetro

 There was even an awesome dance number

 our table was definitely having fun ;)

Photo by TRACY AYSON!! I missed her :( where's our photo together??:p
Check out her awesome blog:

Me and my smartnetphone! <3
Thank you so much to STYLES Entertainment! Definitely had a blast :) 

Check out the Smart Net Phone over at :) 

Have a good one!

Fashion Makeup

This look was inspired by the makeup from a Jeremy Scott runway fashion show. I just loved how colorful it was so I did my own take on it. My original model couldn't make it to the shoot so I had to proxy :p I used my CatWalk palette to create this look :)
Hope you guys like it!

 The photographer, Mic, decided to throw in a samurai sword :)) He said I looked like a ninja -__-

Photos by: Mic Narra

Have a good one!