Sep 6, 2011

#smarnetphone Media Launch

Last September 1, 2011, Smart launched its new innovation, the Smart Net Phone. The event was held at Repuliq, Resorts World. I wasn't able to bring my DSLR so I wasnt able to take a lot of pictures :( I had my other camera but the pictures weren't that great. Sorry!! :( Hope they will be enough though :p

 Kimmy and I :)
2 of the Z sisters, Karla and Kim!

 The place was packed!
The event was hosted by Andi Manzano and KC Monetro

 There was even an awesome dance number

 our table was definitely having fun ;)

Photo by TRACY AYSON!! I missed her :( where's our photo together??:p
Check out her awesome blog:

Me and my smartnetphone! <3
Thank you so much to STYLES Entertainment! Definitely had a blast :) 

Check out the Smart Net Phone over at :) 

Have a good one!

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