Sep 15, 2011

#SmartNetPhone Grand Launch

Hi Everyone!
I wasn't able to post this sooner because my laptop had gone under repair recently :( huhu it's gone wonky...hope it'll survive me for another year or so... Anyway, last September 10, 2011, SMART finally launched its newest innovation, the Smart NetPhone. If you weren't there, boy did you miss out! It was definitely one for the books :p 
Thank you to Connect Angency!! 
The night was a success :) 
Congrats to Jon, Carina and the rest of the crew!

 It was Jay's birthday that night too! what great timing :p
[don't you just love my jumpsuit?? Its from ZOO ;) ]

 Lovely ladies!

Jay, Mic, Sharraine, Me, Toni 

With Tracy!! We need to bond soon please ;;)

 Jay and Iano having a good time! :p 

 Mandi of Chic Material! glad we got to hang that night! see you soon ;)

 Mandi and Ivan <3

 Jay with friends! :)

Couldn't get a decent trio picture :))

I think the pictures are proof enough on how epic that night was! Everyone had a blast :) 

Have you gotten your #smartnetphone yet? ;) 

Have a good one!

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