Nov 30, 2011

MUT: Holiday Makeup

The holidays are rolling in fast and next thing you know its Christmas! When I think of the Christmas season, I think of warm burgundy, brown, and red colors. The smell of cinnamon, peppermint, and pine filling the air.. and of course, the glorious food! I imagine myself sitting in front of the fire place all cozy and warm sipping a cup of hot chocolate...but that rarely happens since first, we don't have a fire place at home :)) (there are rarely any here in Philippine households anyway) and secondly, its too hot to be sitting in front of a fire. hahaha well, that's how I always see Christmas in my imagination :p

So for the holiday season, why not try warming up your lips with dark hues? :)

 AHHHH I'm so IN LOVE with this lipstick!!! I just got them today and I just had to try them out.
It's called PHOTO by MAC. Love love love <3

I kept the eyes simple since I used a dark color on the lips. It's always best to
keep your eyes simple if you want dramatic lips and keep the lips simple
if you want dramatic eyes. 
[Forgive the unruly eyebrows! I'm in the process of growing them out to have them re-shaped hehe]

What I love about this lipstick is that its dark but not too overpowering. 
It has a warm undertone to it which is perfect for my skin tone. 
I just love how it warms up my face :) 

A dramatic lip is probably my favorite makeup look aside from the smokey eye. It's something different and not a lot of people are brave enough to wear dark lipstick. But makeup is all about having fun and experimenting! So don't be afraid try out new colors whether it be eye shadows or lipsticks. It's a very exhilarating feeling when you discover that the color you were always afraid of fits you after all :) 

Stay gorgeous ;)
Tamara x