May 26, 2011

My Dream House

Oh my gosh, you guys...I just found my dream house!! My mum brought home the latest issue of INSTYLE  magazine (one of my favorite magazines) from one of her flights and thats where I saw my dream house.

Latest issue of INSTYLE with the lovely Kate Hudson on the cover

The house is owned by Fast and the Furious star, Jordana Brewster. When I saw the house, I literally gasped. It's just beautiful. 

It's very simple, but lovely.

Love the little nook

(Photos are not mine, just googled them :p)

The design is very simple and clean, just the way I would want my future home. If I could have the exact same house replicated, I would... But I'm sure it would cost me more than an arm :| HAHA I just adore this house! It has a very beachy feel to it which was probably what drew me in. If this house was on the beach side, it would be perfection :)

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Have a good one :) 


  1. tam! lets make it happen! :) hihihi

  2. check this facebook page out. really nice architecture :)

  3. LET'S!! :D isn't it lovely? so dreamyyy @_@ okay, will check it out now! :)

  4. You know, as "celebrity" houses go, that's actually quite understated! I'd still prefer something smaller but I wouldn't say there's anything unnecessary or just there for show. (I mean, Bill Gates has got a trampolining room. Presumably, he's not a professional trampolinist.)

    But anything conventionally luxurious would be well out of my price range anyway. Even the house valuation on ordinary properties is proving to be a bit of a nuisance at the moment.


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