May 22, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sundays is definitely a day spent bonding with the family. For me and my brood, we spend our Sundays by attending the 2:30pm worship at CCF (Christ Commission Fellowship), St. Francis. Then afterwards, we usually spend the rest of the day EATING.Yes, my family LOVES to eat. But we do exercise... walking around the mall is very tiring, you know :| hahaha! Before heading out to CCF, we made our first food stop at Goldenspoon, Crepes and Cream, and Cafe France in the Podium. Goldenspoon is my most favorite yogurt place EVER. 

my two favorite toppings: Cookie dough and Mochi balls! yum

Doesn't it look beautiful? *drool*

nom nom nom my belly is happy :D

At Crepes and Cream, my sister ordered this: 

I forget what it's called but she sure looks like she's enjoying it! hahaha

my lovely mum :) love the makeup! 

My dad chose to snack at Cafe France and got himself a little treat as well :)

looks good :( 

After service, we headed to SM Megamall to have an early dinner. We chose to eat at one of our favorite restaurants: Amici. Food there is just so goooood! have you eaten there? :) if not, you must definitely go later or tomorrow! hahaha Sadly, I have no pictures of the food we ordered...I was too excited to eat that I forgot to take photos :( huhu 

Dad and I :)

my favorite pasta! Spinach Fusilli Montanara. It usually has green pasta but they ran out. boo :| it was still awesome nonetheless :) (spot the spaghetti stain on my shirt. HAHA)

We also ordered the Linguine Fantastico, which lived up to its name, and the Chorizo Spinaci pizza, which was really good too.

And that ends my sunday funday with my family :D boy, did we eat a lot or what? hahaha Somehow, eating becomes way better when done with people you love :) 

How do you spend your Sundays? :) 

Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday!
Thanks for dropping by :) 

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