Jun 9, 2011

First Portfolio Shoot

HEY GUYS! sorry I haven't been blogging for a while. been really busy!
I had a very very long day today but God is so good that things went really well! except for enrollment part...but anyway the rest was awesome :D 

So after I went to school for a FAIL enrollment, I headed to St. Francis condominium for a photoshoot with my MDA classmates Cy and Joyce. My lovely friend Mica agreed to be my model and it was such a pleasure working with her! Thanks again, Mica!! :)

The first look I did was focused on the lips, hence the rich lilac/purple-ish color and very light eye shadow and blush.
The second look, I went for a bronzy-gold look which I think suited Mica perfectly :) 

Here are some "behind the scenes" photos I took:
Cy, doing her magic on Joyce :)

our makeshift studio c/o sir Norman Grande (a.k.a "Coach") great photographer!! 

Wait till you see the final photos ;)

Coach with lovely wife, Melody! thank you for making us use your lovely condo! :) 

pretty Joyce :)

Artist at work :p

Makeup by Cy

my second look on Mica :) 

So pretty!

I can't wait to see the final pictures!! so exciting :D I had so much fun with Joyce, Cy, Mica, Coach, and Ms. Melody! Looking forward to another awesome shoot :) :) 

YAY for my first photo shoot for my portfolio! :D I'm so so thankful to everyone who made this possible..

Hope everyone had a good one!:)



  1. Mica is soooo pretty! :) Good job Tammy!! You're soo goood!! -Mela

  2. makeup by cy...not joyce :-( hmmm tampo! - cy

  3. CYYYY!! I edited it na :D sorryyyyy :(


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