Jun 23, 2011

MAC Workshop

Last June 20, 2011, me and my fellow classmates from MDA were privileged to participate in a workshop at the MAC counter in Glorietta 4 mall. Can I just say, my eyes went O_O when I saw the WALLS of makeup. I thought I had died and gone to MAC heaven. HAHA 

Product Specialist and MAC makeup artist Ms. Mikee Raymundo was the spokesperson during the workshop and she taught us a few tips and tricks in doing photography makeup. Man, does she know her MAC. She's been a makeup artist for 15 years! WOW. She has also done fashion shows abroad, makeup for local theater productions, and she has also done makeup for celebrities. I definitely look up to her :) 

MAC Counter @ Glorietta 4


MAC's newest collection: SURF BABY ( love the theme!)

a makeup artists tools



fellow makeup artist! Represent ;) HAHA

Cy and I (pardon my messy hair :)) )

Products used during the demo

the lovely model!

Ms. Mikee and model :)

the magic begins!

almost done!

and Voila! so pretty 

couldn't leave without a pic with Ms. Mikee!:)

I definitely learned a lot from the workshop. I'm very thankful that MDA put this together for us aspiring makeup artists. and thank you MAC for accommodating us. Such a great experience! :) :)

Have a good one!:)


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