Jun 24, 2011

Catwalk Cosmetics

Yesterday, a package arrived for me and I was so excited to rip it open :D

Finally got my hands on a Catwalk Cosmetics palette! :D

it came with a GC for LayBare! how convenient, I've been wanting to get my eyebrows groomed :p

details at the back

just look at those colors o_o I cant wait to play around with these babies!

All the colors are highly pigmented, goes on smooth and silky! I'd love to show you some swatches but for some reason, my camera wouldn't take a proper picture of them :| FAIL. Trust me though, this palette is definitely worth every penny :)

Check out Catwalk Cosmetics FB page :D

Thank you, Marj Sia! :) 

I'll be doing a look using these eyeshadows and blushers soon, SO STAY TUNED!!:)

Stay safe everyone!:)



  1. hi!!First of all i love reading ur blog!!i envy u for going into makeup design academy!!!is that the on in rp manila?!!i've been wanting to go to a makeup school soooooooo much!!!anywhoo!!i have that palette too!!super pigmented dba?!?!?:))

  2. the palette looks gorgeous! i love your blog!
    added you to my blogroll =)

  3. @ Giezelle: Thank you so much!!! :) you should definitely go to makeup school! it's really fun :)

  4. @ Shopcoholic: OHMYGOSH! Thank you, so much!! I'm such a fan of your blog too! I love your reviews, they really help. I actually started using Dickinsons Witch Hazel toner after reading your review on it. It's been working really well on me and I really like it :) again, thank you for viewing and for following!! :) :) (i'm kind of in shock, still. haha!) xx

  5. The palette looks really nice! Can't wait to see how you use it!:)


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