Oct 19, 2011

Face Routine

Hi Everyone!

I received a question in my FORMSPRING just recently and the question was "How do you keep your face clean/pimple-free?" I thought that this would be a great topic to blog about since I myself struggled with acne before, and still am, just like everybody [except if you are one of the lucky ones who are blessed with divine skin since birth :p]. 

I think it was around 2005 or 2006 when I started having really bad breakouts on both my cheeks. And when I say bad, it's really bad. From afar you'd think I just had really rosy cheeks. But the "rosy-ness" was actually caused by inflamed pimples [not a pretty sight]. I felt very self-conscious during this horrible breakout stage. I remember feeling very frustrated most of the time because I felt like anything I did, may it be trying countless dermatologists and over the counter products, did not work at all.

 I dreaded going to the dermas! Everytime I would leave the derma for a session, I would always look like a strawberry [that's what my sister described me as hahaha]. And not only did I dread the pricking, I also dreaded the medications that they would prescribed  to me. I think there was a time that I was using 6 products on my face :| It was a painstaking process.

After what seemed like an endless search for a solution for my "curse", I finally found products that help keep my skin in check. And I guess my hormones are more balanced now :p [cause you know how acne can be cause by hormonal imbalance hahaha]

 (Left-Right: St. Ives Apricot Cleanser, Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner, Olay Total Effects Day Cream and Serum, PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%)

 I discovered this facial wash a few years back when my older sister visited the Philippines. I first tried the original formula which had a coarser texture. That worked well too but I found it a bit drying on my skin. Then I tried out this formulation which was more creamy and was more gentle and hydrating. Been using this for months now and it definitely keeps my skin clear :)

 I really love this toner! It's perfect for me since it refines pores [I have huge pores :( ] and removes and controls oil without totally drying out my skin. You can find this at any Healthy Options stores :)
 Yes, I use Olay Total Effects even though I am not experiencing any signs of skin aging-YET. Like I said, prevention is better than the cure :p hahaha I use the day cream during the say [obviously :p] and the serum for night time before I go to bed. But I sometimes use the serum for the day when I just want something light and less creamy than the day cream. Downside of the serum: No spf :( 

Last but definitely not the least, PanOxyl! This baby is actually my saving grace. It works wonders for me! When my skin was really bad, I would put this on my entire face and after a month or two, my skin gradually cleared up. I got less and less of those big and painful zits. Hallelujah for this great invention. I never went higher than the 2.5% because I read that anything above this can sometimes cause irritation and severe drying.  It's always best to consult with a dermatologist :) 

So, there you go, my top skin saviors! Are you currently using any of these products or have tried one before? :) 

Hope you had a great Thursday!
Stay gorgeous ;)
Tamara x


  1. yeah tried the witch hazel moisturizer and it's good not stingy and cleans well, i just wonder if the apricot cleanser has scrubs? and do you use the panoxyl only if you have pimples or you use it regularly? thanks


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