Oct 3, 2011

BTS: Tela Couture Photoshoot

Hi Everyone!

I did makeup for my friend Madi Garcia's online shop TELA COUTURE last September 24, 2011. I did makeup on two lovely and leggy ladies, Bea and Addie :p You'll see in a bit why I said "leggy".


[These photo's were taken by Heidi! Thanks so much :)]

Both very pretty girls! Madi requested the brown smokey eye since it's going to be the "spring" collection.

 told you...LEGGY O__O how I wish I had legs as long as these! 

 Madi and Heidi 

Mandi directing the girls :p

 The makeshift background hehe

SO TALL RIGHT! Madi and I are tiny beside Bea and Addie :( hahaha

Thank you again Mandi!! :)

Stay gorgeous ;) 
Tamara x

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