Aug 14, 2011

MOTIVES Workshop

MOTIVES is a  new line of cosmetics created by Loren Ridinger that is hitting the Philippines. It is favored by Hollywood celebs such as Eva Langoria, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez, just to name a few.

I've heard about this product in some makeup tutorials that I watch on Youtube and I was really intrigued by it because the makeup guru's said that MOTIVES is a high quality product without the intimidating price tag. It is easily comparable to popular brands like MAC and NARS.  

When my friend Liz invited me to a workshop that was hosted by MOTIVES, I immediately said yes without any second thoughts (I'm always excited to learn about a new product, specially if its makeup! :P). Liz and I went to the workshop together with our friend Roseanne. It was so much fun! And even though I've gone through makeup school, I still have so much to learn about the art of makeup. Can't wait :D

The workshop was held at the Fashion Academy of Manila in A-venue, Makati City, last Friday (Aug. 5, 2011)

Traffic was really bad on our way to Avenue...

...So we had to keep ourselves entertained  HAHA:)) 

Ms. Jenny DeCastro is a MOTIVES certified trainer and was our hostess for the day.
She was trained in the U.S. and has personally worked with the Hollywood stars I mentioned earlier. (LUCKY!) 

our guest speaker was Ms. Dannica Sotto. She talked about MOTIVES skin care line called Skintelligence
and the importance of proper skin care. Judging by her flawless skin, it's not just the pregnancy that's giving her that lovely glow ;) 

 Here we have the Skintelligence Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion, pH Skin Normalizer/toner, Facial Firming Mask, and the Cellular Perfecting Complex. 

Taking care of our skin is VERY important and it cannot be emphasized enough. Although makeup can help cover up most skin imperfections, nothing beats having good skin! :) The Skintellegence skin care line is great for both men and women. Most of these products can also be used on different parts of the body! 

Not only can you use The pH Skin Normalizer on the face, you can also use this to de-tangle your hair. 

The Cellular Perfection Complex serves as an "anti-wrinkle serum" for the face and can also be used to moisturize cracked heels. I like this one because unlike other serums, its very light and is easily absorbed by the skin. 

You are getting your money's worth ;) 

Ms. Czari Nolasco was our guest makeup artist. Here she is working on Ms. Gila using MOTIVES products.

Ms. Jenny, Ms. Gila, and a very fierce Ms. Czari:p

I volunteered for Ms. Jenny to do a demo on me :p

Ms. Dannica working on Roseanne

Ms. Czari working on Liz

*drum roll please*

TADAAAA! Thank you for the make over ms. Jenny, ms. Dannica, and ms. Czari! :) 

check out MOTIVES cosmetics at 

The girls and I had so much fun at the workshop! We left with useful makeup tips and tricks and a new love for MOTIVES :) Thank you, Lizzie for inviting us!! 

Hope you all have a blessed day! :) 

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