Aug 24, 2011

MAKEOVER: Ana Palomo

My good friend Ana asked me to do her makeup for the PREVIEW Ball last July 8, 2011. Of course, I couldn't say no :p

I did a very light look because her dress was already extravagant :p

Love it ;) doesn't she look lovely? 

If you need a makeup artist and would like to inquire about my rates, please email me at  :) 

Hope you guys like this look :D

Have a good one! :) 


  1. Awww Thanks love :"> miss youuuu! hope to see you at my party ;)

  2. I love her make up!!! Next time Tam please do mine :-" heeeheee

    And btw I should've taken solo photos of you lastnight :( bv i completely forgot i wanted to feature you and you alone!!!


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