Mar 14, 2012

The Z Experience

Last Saturday, I was invited to do makeup for ZALORA'S Style Buy Challenge at the Z Loft which is located along Jupiter Street, Makati.

So what is ZALORA??

For all you shopaholics who love shopping online, ZALORA is the webshop for you!
It's so convenient and FAST! If you live within the metro, your orders will be delivered to you within 3 HOURS! Yes, T-H-R-E-E hours. PLUS, they have the Cash-On-Delivery option. Meaning, you pay for your order right when it is delivered to your door step. It cant get anymore convenient than this!
Need I say more? ;)

Check out ZALORA over at

I got realy giddy when I saw my name on the screen :D haha

So, during the STYLE BUY Challenge, we were tasked to check out the site and pick items that we wanted. With the wide variety of clothes, shoes, accessories, was so hard to narrow down the things I wanted! I was going cray :)) 

Once we finished ordering through the website, our goodies were delivered to us. Zalora has all their items on hand so it didn't take long for the packages to arrive. It was like christmas, I tell ya! 

I have this really bad habit of forgetting about my camera so I wasnt able to take much photos :( 
But here are the items that I got:

Flats: Fancy Flats, Top: Style Hub, Metal Collar Necklace: Virus

It was a really fun and unique experience :) 

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Stay Gorgeous x


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